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In today’s world, an ambitious company is one that understands how woo their customers in offline and online mediums. Our present society that we live is has become very tricky. To understand them – what they like, what not, what they buy, how they buy – has become enormously complex. The present world that we live in does not understand what we studied in text books. In line with that, day by day, it is increasingly becoming difficult to attract your potential customers. There cannot be a single line strategy to sell your goods or services.

With the advent of Internet – which is by far the biggest medium of marketing humans have ever seen – our country’s and world’s 70% of the population have explicitly disconnected themselves from the offline world. This young and dynamic population are communicating with each other through different platforms over digital spectrum. At BSM Big Social Media, we pioneer Strategy, Ideation, Framework design of your marketing efforts on digital space.

Any company in today’s diverted and fickle environment looking for quick growth has to have a strong and impactful marketing strategy and execution on digital space. Our goal is to help big or small companies achieve their Sales through expansive awareness on digital space. For that, we strategize and then manufacture content, which then gets propagated across Internet.


What all we do that you might not know of:


  1. Marketing Strategy for Products / Services / Brand for Digital Space
  2. Social Media Campaigns
  3. Strategy & Framework for Online Customer Buying Experience (Online Customer Journey)
  4. Online Research
  5. Social Media Listening
  6. Online Customer Care Process
  7. Digital Training for Employees for 360* brand development
  8. Digital Training for Employees for Personal & Professional growth


Incorporating all these services and a lot more, we have 4 different verticals at BSM Big Social Media. Viz. Ecstasy, 10x, Social Star and Social Coach.

Ecstasy is a research solution. We shall provide you a well-researched and output oriented ‘White Paper’ for your product / service / brand in your targeted geography.

10x is a business multiplier. The conclusion of Ecstasy gets converted into execution under 10x. We manufacture the content and sends it across digital space through innovative marketing techniques via paid and unpaid campaigns on different online platforms.

Social Star is an online PR service. This service of BSM Big Social Media caters to celebrities, wannabe celebrities, Educational Institutes and Temple Trusts. We all need online branding. We do exactly the same. We become your trusted partners and we make you a social star on digital space. The idea is to make you popular across digital platforms.

Social Coach is a training vertical of BSM Big Social Media. Here in, we train corporates, white collar employees to get digital learning’s. We provide a 1 day, 2 day or a tailor made training modules to our client companies. We also do one-on-one and class room training if need arises.

We’re your Social Quotient Multipliers. We are catalysts, which transcends your business to newer heights.


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