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World has changed drastically in last one and a half decade. Internet has been a revolutionary element in transforming how the world operates. This was not true when I was studying back then. I’m 45 today. I belong to that generation who have closely witnessed technology taking over human emotions. We had a choice to accept desktop computers over easy-to-use-typewriters. Floppy disks over paper weights and so forth. I have seen government offices and corporates struggling adopting this new technology back then.

At times I feel unlucky like many baby boomers that they were not given the chance to develop their skills and flourish further with the help of seamless technology. I remember those days when geographical limitation was a big factor. But today, when I see my 12 year son communicating with the other part of the world using a small hand-held communicating device, I wonder we as a society are witnessing a never-thought, never-imagined revolution. This revolution is changing the human landscape. Thanks to my early adoption of technology. This practice of mine has enabled me to look away from the obvious, always. And this has also helped me pioneer my industry (Recruitment Industry) with the help of Internet. According to me, Internet is not a product itself, it is rather a ‘free express highway’. You need to know how to fathom it.

Today’s younger generation are already operating from ‘cloud’. This new system doesn’t understand gender biases, office politics or geographical differences. Which, advertantly is good. This new system of behaving and working in life is seamless. It reverberates in my mind what if we adopt this new system to strengthen our lives. With this thought in my mind and having a good-going recruitment company, I conceptualized BSM Big Social Media in February 2016. To start with, BSM Big Social Media was a support function for digital marketing services for my recruitment verticals. It was an experiment, as Start-up. It went good. Eventually, with additional of new manpower and evolution in processes, we have taken the digital spectrum by storm. Today we are a full-fledged company dealing in entire spectrum of Digital Space. I always knew the power of digital platforms and Digital Space in overall, but I couldn’t have understood it this better had I have not plunged into it myself. I’m happy to see my team working with elegance and prudence in this uncharted territory where benchmarks are been broken everyday. I can clearly see Offline Medium losing its sheen and Online Medium as channel of marketing gaining importance.

I wish all the guidance and success to my BSM Big Social Media company. A definite feather in my cap of illustrious companies. I’m contended and happy.



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Amit Sharma

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