1. The one who understands Social Media Listening.
  2. Command over minimum three languages compulsory. (Viz. English, Hindi and one more). Knowledge of more languages is preferable. 
  3. Should have a broad spectrum of industry knowledge. Should be able to connect the dots. You should be reading daily news, 
  4. common over statistics / Quant, You should have excellent command over numbers, excel sheets, statistics and quant.
  5. You may be working in a big company with 30 to 3000 employees. You might be on a 3rd, 8th or 12th or nth place in the hierarchy / corporate ladder in your company. I will put you directly on the 1st/2nd place. If 2nd, only after me. 
  6. You should know how to write a blog.
  7. You should know how to write a crisp or a detailed white paper.
  8. You should know how to write a crisp tweet.
  9. You should have awesome command over latest trending topics and the news from the world over.
  10. You should understand #’s.
  11. You should have the knack to communicating with people over social media and other discussion forums.
  12. Humour, pun, irk, sarcasm, sidhi-baat and the likes should come in your behaviour/tone as and when required.
  13. Typing speed (on QWERTY keypad, and not a mobile phone) in either language should be above 60 WPM. You would be required to write incessantly.  
  14. You should have fantastic command over your laptop. 
  15. You should have eyes for details. God is in details, my friend. You’d be able to relate what you read today and connect that piece of information while talking to a client a month later.  
  16. You should be reading newspapers daily. 
  17. You should be ready to travel extensively, wherever and whenever required. You should be mobile and ready to experiment. No family or societal obligation shall be tolerated. You should have the ability to balance your personal life and professional life without any hesitation or stoppages in work. You should be mentally and physically fit, extremely fit. Weak minded, emotional people need not apply.
  18. You should be a free-spirited, open-minded and above any social stigmas. You should be able to think logically, mathematically and secularly. You should be able to think through your mind, and not the heart.
  19. You should be ready to spend 24x7x365 (I actually mean that.) working on a project (read multiple projects.) 
  20. You should be a person with untiring legs and unquenchable thirst for knowledge, who can continuously provide result oriented output on daily basis. 


Location no bar, Age no bar, Gender no bar.