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We provide end-to-end research for your product or service for your catchment area.

Social Coach

Team BSM will train you on the etiquettes of Social Media and will spread digital awareness in your company.

Social Star

We shall make you a star on digital space.


We propagate your brand, product or service on to digital space.

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What our clients say

Thank you for all the support team BSM. You’re truly a marketing partner.

Chirag Shah Co-Founder, Foodella

Mr. Bhargav you will truly shine in this field. I can blindly trust on you for content and design.

Namrata Pandya Founder, Didi’s Kitchen

BSM knows the nuance of how information should be generated and then how it’s being propagated.

Meet Shah Director, Molkem

BSM handles Digital Marketing of Molkem, end-to-end. Their dedicated team does it strikingly great. We have saved a lot in man power.

Preet Shah CEO, Molkem

Getting walk-in customers for a Pathology Laboratory was troublesome. But not anymore! BSM knows how to get this done using just social media.

Nirvi Shah VIR Path Lab, Owner, Ahmedabad

My burden halved the moment I handed over the work to BSM. You get more than you expect from this team. 100% value for money.

Dr. Deval Trivedi MDS, Periodontist

Team BSM is one stop solution provider for an innovative online strategy. They have the guts, the strength and the clarity to execute huge projects.

Prem Sharma Brand Manager, Godfrey Phillips India

I never knew ‘Digital Space’ has so much potential before meeting Bhargav. My business has started taking shapes.

Vyahriti Joshi (VJ) Director, Dr. Raj Homoeo Pharmacy

It’s great to see the varied industry expertise of Team BSM. Taking a ‘U Turn’ and improvising on the strategy is commendable.

Apoorva Shah Founder, Hostec India

Blitzkrieg is the word for BSM. Dynamism is another.

Surabhi Pillai Founder, Words Vibe

Professional work support is phenomenal. They have never let me down for any work that I intended to do for my USA client.

Ashutosh Maheshwari Director, Big IT Jobs

Pro-active approach by the team BSM is worth enjoying. I never had to visit their office or had to take followups. The team BSM knows how to keep their clients happy.

Mayank Sharma Director, Big Pharma Jobs, India's #1 Pharma Recruitment Company

Since long I was trying to find the right digital marketing partner for my firm. BSM, situated in Ahmedabad is the right one.

Dr.Subhrnasu Sekhar Jena Director, Smart Disha Academy, Motivational Career Counsellor and Senior Psychologist

“Digital Understanding: 95%, Branding & Marketing Strategy: 90%, Energy: 100%, I must say.”

Ravi Challu CEO, PARC Technology Research Labs, Bengalurur

Team BSM has reached new sky’s in no time.

Sushil Handa MD, Flourish Pure Foods, Ahmedabad

I’ve seen how Team BSM works. They do not understand the word “REJECTION.”

Nitin Macwan Marketing Head, Madhur Dairy, Gandhinagar

She once commented on FB, “Follow Digital Bhargav and stay updated for latest on digital marketing!”

Garvita Khamar Director, Big Pharma sales Jobs, India's #1 Pharma Recruitment Consulting company

Tons of new ideas spurs in the office of BSM. Go for a visit and your life shall be transformed.

Shridhar Iyengar Money Solutions Advisor, Ahmedabad

Very innovative. Very modern approach. Very rejuvenating. I’m impressed.

Mitesh Sanghvi Head of GBG, Ahmedabad

Bhargav is palpable with energy. His team exhibits the same.

Jatin Chaudhary Founder e-Chai, Ahmedabad

Stringent, precise, to the point – that’s how I would describe BSM Big Social Media.

Dhaval Kakkad CEO, Redefine Infotech, Rajkot

It’s nice to see the dexterity and simplicity of the business BSM is conducting. Simply splendid.

Ankur Patel CEO, Infotrex Services, Ahmedabad

The innovation and clarity of thoughts in the minds of entire Team BSM are mind-boggling.

Mihir Bhatt Co-founder, Womansvilla & MetR & Corporate Kitli, Ahmedabad

As per my vision, the team is set to take any herculean task. I wish them all the best.

Amit Sharma MD, Big HRC, India's #1 Recruitment & Consultancy Company, Ahmedabad

Two interactions with BSM and you are relaxed. That’s it. They’re superfast.

Raunak Jain MD, Sinjhini Ornaments, Agra

I have worked with Bhargav. He is simply a go getter. He won’t let you down.

Santo Entrepreneur, Hospitality & Telecom, Mumbai

BSM is a terrific start-up out of the landscape of Ahmedabad.

Sumit Anand Co-founder, Luvstay (Nasscom), New Delhi

Young and energetic team transcending newer heights everyday.

Shyam Taneja Founder, Unnati Unlimited, Ahmedabad

A high potential team has gathered in Ahmedabad to move India.

Prof. C. R. Trivedi Mentor, BSM Big Social Media, Ahmedabad

“My sugar consumption increases when I am at BSM’s Ahmedabad Office.”

Rahul Tiwari Director, Gujarati Movies, Mumbai & London

I’ve met the team BSM. They’re so aware of the latest trends.

Sumit Mehta Entrepreneur, Mehta Industries, Jamshedpur

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James Stevens Developer@yahoo.com

One cup chai is not enough when I sit with Bhargav. He is marvelous.

Niddhi Chauhan Movie Producer, Maa Motion Pictures, Mumbai

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John Doe CEO@google.com

Who we are?

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